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The Zen Vitality Room

The Zen Vitality Room: A unique way of boosting your health and appearance while decreasing stress

Hot flashes and night sweats? It may not be what you think

Sweats and hot flashes don’t always mean you’re in menopause. A “health detective” explains

FREE 1 hour Detox Workshop Saturday!

Free Online One Hour Detox Workshop Saturday January 21st and my Ten Top Tips for Beautiful Skin is your gift, just for registering

Six Weeks to Success!

Clients are losing pounds of fat, and inches—particularly around their waists, the best indicator of overall health improvement—and they are feeling GREAT! They are already well on their way to their goals, and feeling better than they thought possible. They are getting amazing results, not only in weight loss, but in ways they hadn’t even thought possible before the program.

THIS is Your Choice

Your health is not a yes or no decision. Even when it’s a life or death decision. Here’s how I made my choices when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Zen Vitality Detox—Register Now!

Would you like to have clear guidelines for optimal nutrition, simple practices to help navigate stress, and multiple tools to clear and lighten your Body, Mind and Spirit? With generous helpings of daily group support and personal coaching from me? This is what you’re looking for. Starts January 12th

I’m Sorry!

How often do you apologize? A lesson I learned from my daughter….

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