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The Zen Vitality Room

The Zen Vitality Room: A unique way of boosting your health and appearance while decreasing stress

13 Week Success Program – New Lower Price!

When you wake up feeling great, stay clear-minded and productive all day, and sleep soundly each night, the world is your oyster! Here’s how

My Interview on Chronic Illness for Well-Scent

I am very pleased, and so honored, to be featured as the first practitioner in Well-Scent’s series of interviews on chronic illness.

Start Your Day With A Healthy Beverage… Coffee!

I confess: I love my morning coffee. Hey, coffee is a traditional plant beverage with many health benefits, if you use healthy ingredients and stick to one cup in the morning.

Is Gluten-Free a Fad or a Growing Trend?

Hi, Fran Sussman here, from Sussman Holistic Services, the Holistic Outlook column in The Times Herald Record, and at Hudson Valley Here are some thoughts for Your Best Health. A fad is “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived”. I believe that the increased interest in avoiding gluten is a growing trend. […]

What If Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat?

Want to know what’s making you fat, tired, cranky and hungry? It’s not what you might think. Here’s a 2 minute video to explain.

Is Avoiding Gluten Just Another Fad?

Is avoiding gluten just a lot of hype, or is there good reason for this trend? Find out in this video from holistic expert Fran Sussman.

Do These 3 Things Before You Take Another Bite

While helping clients achieve healthy eating for over 20 years, I have come to realize a rather strange fact: we are terrified of being hungry.

Simple Summer Seafood Stew

Think stews are just for winter? Not me. If I can make dinner (with leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch) in one pot in 10 minutes, that’s a great hot weather dish! Here’s how…

Let’s Cool It in the Bedroom –

I’ve always told you to keep your bedroom cool for better quality sleep. Now research provides another reason to cool it: your metabolism.

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