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NOVEMBER GIVEAWAY: 21 Day Sugar Detox Book #21DSDbook

Oh how I wish I had written this book!

I had the pleasure of meeting Diane Sanfilippo at a JJ Virgin event in August, and was so impressed with what she is doing: making it simple to clean up your diet, for great results. Diane shares the basics of how bad carbs (including sugars and foods that metabolize as sugars) can harm you, gives you a quiz to determine which of 3 levels to follow, and then offers meal plans, recipes, and fabulous photos to entice you to jump right in and start changing your life.  You can even download and print out shopping lists. Her approach is based on eating healthy, real, whole foods, and systematically eliminating junk, refined foods and anything else that can trigger cravings and blood sugar spikes.

As I said, I wish I had written it. But I’m glad Diane did, and delighted she sent me an early copy.

So enter my Giveaway, but just in case, why not click right over to Amazon and grab your own. You might want to check out her earlier book as well, Practical Paleo. I’ll be giving away a copy of that one in a future Giveaway, but why wait? You can always share with someone whose health you care about. I bet they will thank you.

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5 Responses to “NOVEMBER GIVEAWAY: 21 Day Sugar Detox Book #21DSDbook”

  1. Patty DeLucia says:

    Happy Halloween. It’s real hard to control the sugar today. :(

  2. Robyn says:

    I think I entered the give-away. But it was hard to tell as I didn’t get any kind of confirmation. I follow the author on Instagram & dream about getting the book.

  3. Jenn says:

    need this book! the sugar is so hard to give up

  4. fransussman says:

    You need to leave a comment on my FB post, Robyn. Yes, Diane is terrific, and so is the book.

  5. Renee Howe says:

    Any friend of Diane’s gets two thumbs up!!

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