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Lyme Season

Spring traditionally marks the beginning of Lyme season, but the unhappy truth is that milder winters make ticks a year-round scourge. Still, ticks are proliferating now, so be wary. Here are my tips for understanding, preventing and addressing Lyme.

It’s SPRING! Revive, Renew, Refresh!

Spring is the season of change.
But wanting change and making change are two different things.

That’s why I’ve developed simple tools, tips and techniques that give you big pay-offs for small shifts in your routine. Jump in!

Don’t Neglect Your Lymph! (what?)

Did you know you have a second circulatory system, in addition to your blood? In fact, your blood relies on it for cleansing, it’s crucial to immune function – and you’re probably neglecting it.

Is It Harder to Lose Weight When You’re Older?

“You do have to eat less to maintain that weight if you’ve been heavy,” said Dr. Cho Source: Is It Harder to Lose Weight When You’re Older? – The New York Times No NO NO! It’s not about eating less. It’s about eating differently. It’s about learning how to become a fat burner rather than […]

Her Health & Spirit Summit

How good can your life really become? What if it’s so much higher than you have ever even considered? Are you ready to find out? And would you share your highest wish that hasn’t yet taken form, to support others? The upcoming “Her Health and Spirit Summit” is an opportunity to discover where your dreams […]

The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles (surprise!)

I’ve been recommending intensity and interval training for well over a decade. Here is yet another study showing its benefits, specifically as we age.

Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still (and neither should you)

It simply is not normal for us to sit all day long and focus non-stop without movement, no matter what your age.

Learning Myths And Realities From Brain Science

research shows that deep subject matter expertise is a key element in helping teachers excel. Source: Learning Myths And Realities From Brain Science : NPR Ed : NPR Go ahead and take the quiz. You might be surprised at what you don’t know – and how to learn it. And by the way, my quarter […]

Pop a Pill for Heartburn? Try Diet and Exercise Instead – The New York Times

Heartburn GERD Reflux? You could be compromising your brain, bones, kidneys and immune system. There’s a simple and effective way to heal.

Keep Moving!

Research suggests that a few bouts of exercise a week will not compensate for a sedentary lifestyle, and that moving regularly throughout the day is more beneficial for your overall health than an occasional workout. Here are very simple ways to get more movement in your days.

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